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Teddy's Fig

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Teddy's Fig
Teddy's Fig

When I was growing up, my mama, Theodora "Teddy" Kranson, was known for her "Three Ps": Pickles, Pralines and Preserves. She made them from scratch every year, as my far-flung relatives waited impatiently for their Louisiana Care Packages to arrive in the mail.

Teddy's fig tree was special; it was 6th generation. Wherever Teddy moved, that tree went with her. And it made the sweetest fig preserves.

The Teddy's Fig Candle is named for that tree in honor of my mother. It's blended with purple fig, lychee, and kumquat...and it's one of my favorites. Love you, Mom!

Hand poured into our recycled 8.25 oz glass tumbler, hand stamped with a wax seal and placed in a colorful organza gift bag. 100% soy wax candle with 100% cotton wick.  No preservatives, stabilizers, petroleum or alcohol.  Burns about 50 hours, virtually soot-free.

Teddy's Fig

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