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Faubourg Marigny

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Faubourg Marigny
Faubourg Marigny
You’ll enjoy this blend of Pomegranate, Blackberry and Sage, if you like fresh garden scents. 

Faubourg is French for neighborhood. In 1805 the Marigny Plantation was subdivided. The French, Creoles, Spanish, and other immigrants began to move to the new neighborhood (the first "neighborhood" upriver from the French Quarter). When the "natives" began to move to "The Marigny", the Americans began to move upriver (eventually forming the Garden District).
Faubourg Marigny has always been the "artsy" section of the city (in the '60s it was the "hippie" area). Residents grow their own citrus trees. Artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers work and live here. This is where Frenchman Street is located and where HBO's "Treme" was filmed.
Faubourg Marigny

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