Questions that you might ask

How do I choose a fragrance online when I can't tell what it smells like?

Everybody's sense of smell is different. At the Market, I could have 2 people standing there next to each other, and one of them will pick up one of the candles and they'll say, "Smell this. Isn't this the best thing you ever smelled?" And the other one will go, "No. I hate that!" And vice versa. It happens every all the time! Even after selling candles to people in every US state and 35 countries, it's just impossible to know what one fragrance smells like to somebody else.

But after 20 years of hearing how people *describe* a fragrance, I have figured out how to tell you what to look for for yourself or for gift giving.

For instance, Cheers or Merlot, to me, smells like grapefruit. But there's no grapefruit fragrance in it. So for those who like a citrusy fragrance, this is my recommendation. Because it's not sweet like Kumquat (Second Line) or the fig. Those are sweet fragrances. White Hanky is like cilantro and lime, just like a Margarita. I can go on an on. But if you're not sure what to order, CALL ME! :) I bet I'll pick exactly what you're looking for in a fragrance you'll enjoy for a long, long time.

Why did you name the candles after cultural New Orleans?

Your sense of smell is one of the things that tweak memories. Like your grandmother’s favorite perfume. Or having coffee and donuts at Cafe du Monde. Anybody who comes to New Orleans around the holidays knows that all the restaurants have a special meal called Reveillon.

Commander's Palace, for example, a very old and well known restaurant uptown, makes a bread pudding that's a souffle; you have to order it early because they make it one at a time and it’s time consuming, but it'll be ready by the time you want dessert.

So I created a dessert fragrance, like bread pudding or creme brulee--broken pralines with a rum base. The candle names I choose are very New Orleans, and they’re designed to make you remember what you did here, who you were with, what you were celebrating and why you loved your visit. Your memory will take you back--and we want you to come back!

How long will a candle burn?

I have a pagedevoted to this answer here. When you place your order, it comes withburning instructions. I have several tips for extending the life of your candles' burn time.

Can I put my candle on a melter/hotplate/warmer?

I don't recommend this because it will ruin your candle. Are you trying to preserve the fragrance by not burning the candle? It's unnecessary; the candles maintain their fragrance for years without burning. I've stuck candles in my drawers for years. When I open the drawer, you smell the scent immediately.

But if you put your candle on a melter, it heats from the bottom up. The heat is conducted through the bottom of the container, so the only part that's going to melt is equal to the height and the width of the flame if you were burning it. But the top won't get the heat, so you'll have a big solid piece of candle at the top, floating on a little melted piece in the bottom. Your candle will look terrible and you won't get your investment from it.

Do you sell your fragrances?

No. I'm a candle maker.