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Anybody who's been coming to New Orleans around Christmastime knows that all the restaurants in New Orleans have a special reservation festival called Reveillon. Each restaurant lists on its website the names of the special entrees they're going to serve. Many do a signature dessert, such as bread pudding.

At Commander's Palace, for example, which is a very old and well known restaurant uptown, they make a bread pudding souffle. You have to order it early because they're made one at a time to be ready by the time you finish your meal.

For this candle fragrance, I wanted to hint at a little bit of creme brulee or a bread pudding with a rum base.

When you light this candle, you'll never forget that exquisite meal you had while you were here, and you won't be able to wait to come back again.

Hand poured into our recycled 8.25 oz glass tumbler, hand stamped with a wax seal and placed into its colorful organza gift bag. 100% soy wax candle with 100% cotton wick.  No preservatives, stabilizers, petroleum or alcohol.  Burns about 50 hours, virtually soot-free.


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